Data publikacji: 01-03-2019
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Zakopane - Spring offer 15% discount

Spring in Zakopane is the time when nature comes to life. Zakopane nature can make an impression! Green grass, rustling streams, crocus carpets on Polana Chochołowska. This is the perfect moment to take advantage of the Spring Offer -15%.


Why is it worth coming to Zakopane in the spring?


There are many reasons, actually there is no argument that would tell you not to come to Zakopane in the spring. Here are some arguments that can not be resisted:

PRICE: after the winter season, booking prices in Zakopane melt, so if you want to take advantage of lower prices, it's the perfect moment;

LESS PEOPLE: Most tourists visit Zakopane on holidays, weekends and long weekends, but during the week ... it's getting looser in Zakopane. Queues to many tourist attractions are definitely smaller, or even zero. This will also be spent on waiting for meals in restaurants.

NATURE: here you could write for a long time. Zakopane is simply beautiful.

CROCUSES: this is one of the most beautiful arguments that says spring is the perfect time for a longer stay in Zakopane. Crocuses are beginning to appear at the end of March, and depending on the weather, they persist until around mid-April.


The terms of the Spring Offer


Spring offer -15% valid for reservations from the beginning of March to the end of May. The discount is calculated after choosing a minimum of 3 nights in our Zakopane apartments.

The following period is excluded from the offer from 18.04 to 4.05.2019.


The offer includes:

- accommodation in comfortable apartments,
- unlimited WiFi access
- delicious coffee from the espresso machine at the reception,
- a parking space for one passenger car,
- Villa Butterfly: public laundry Apartments Smrek: washing machine in each apartment,
- for children: a high chair, toys, books, a bath tub, a potty, overlays on the toilet,
- in summer: a grill or fireplace and a playground for children,
- in winter: special lockers for sports equipment and sleds,
- access to discounts on the Tatra Card (ask at reception).
Services additionally payable:

- the possibility of ordering breakfast for PLN 30 per person.


Spring offer


The most-chosen apartments in Zakopane


This is an intimate two-level apartment (Caution for families with young children – steep stairs!), with an area of 32 m2, designed for up to 3 people. It is located on the second floor of a stylish, wooden Motylek Villa in the centre of...
price from ~€ 44.54
Apartment 3 is the second of the four largest apartments in Zakopane Motylek Villa. It has an area of 58 m2; is intended for use of up to 6 people – ideal for groups of friends or families with children. The apartment has two double bedrooms...
price from ~€ 63.80
The apartment 6 is a spacious flat with an area of 58 m2 dedicated to accommodate up to 5 people. It is located on the second floor of a modern and stylish Motylek Villa in the centre of Zakopane, between Krupówki Street and Wielka...
price from ~€ 60.19
Polecane apartamenty
Jest to przestronny apartament  dla 4 osób, o powierzchni 45 m kw.  Znajduje się na pierwszym piętrze stylowej, drewnianej Willi Motylek w centrum Zakopanego.   Z apartamentu wszędzie jest blisko – spacerem...
od 219.00 zł
Apartament 2 to duży apartament w Zakopanem w nowoczesnej i stylowej Willi Motylek. Przestronny apartament o powierzchni 58 m kw., przeznaczony dla 4-6 osób.  Apartament doskonale nadaje się na krótsze lub dłuższe...
od 265.00 zł
Apartament Zakopane 3 o powierzchni 58 metrów kwadratowych, przeznaczony dla 4-6 osób to jeden z czterech największych apartamentów w nowoczesnej i stylowej Willi Motylek. Apartament ten doskonale nadaje się...
od 265.00 zł
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