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Take the flag and go to Zakopane for award!

Are you going to Zakopane? It's great, because we have an offer that you can not refuse! Only with us you have the unique opportunity to take part in the competition with the flag. Take the flag and go to Zakopane for award! We're already explaining what's going on!


Take the flag and go to Zakopane for award!
Anyone who reserves an apartment at the Villa Motylek after 15 May 2019 and when making a reservation you will call the competition (enter: competition with the flag) has the opportunity to participate in our contest!* Just ask our receptionists for a flag and set off in Zakopane. And fantasy can take you there. Take a photo:
- with a bear, highlander woman or highlander men in a regional dress, with a box of oscypek, next to a hut;
- near the Oscypek Museum, the Tatra Museum, the TPN museum, etc.;
- at a concert, Festival of Mountain Folklore etc.;
- on Gubałówka with a view of the mountains;
- in termages;
- in the Chochołowska Valley;
- on the Czorsztyn Lake;
- during a picnic by the river ...
- ATTENTION! All areas of national parks are excluded from the action, the Tatra National Park to!


REMEMBER! In order for us to accept the photo, the flag must be visible in full glory. All subtitles in the photo must be visible (visible logo and address). Below are some examples.


You took the photo and what next?


Willa Motylek at the top
Photo with flag publish on your Facebook profile necessarily with #willamotyleknaszczycie and with the designation of our profile Apartamenty w Polsce (@ApartamentywPolsceApartArt) or on Instagram with #willamotyleknaszczycie and marked @apartamenty_w_polsce. If you want, you can publish the photo on two profiles. Mark the photo as public.
* Photos that will not be published on social channels will not take part in the action.


When you publish the photo, please contact with our receptionists for the award!


For participation in the action you have the opportunity to get the award, you can choose from:
- wood for the fireplace (basket / day),
- board of regional cheese,
- wine and a set of oscypek,
- 1 or 2 free breakfasts,
- parking for second car for free,
- regional beer,
- set of chocolates (Góralskie Praliny)


For children:
- favorite chocolate


But that's not all!


MAIN CONTEST #willamotyleknaszczycie
Each photo with the designation #willamotyleknaszczycie (on Instagram or Facebook) will take part in the main contest, in which the main award is 2 nights for max. 4 people in one of the apartments in Zakopane in 2020 **.


In addition, we will select 10 people who will receive distinctions in the form of gift vouchers worth PLN 100 for use in the Villa Motylek.


The jury will select the contest winners from all photos with #willamotyleknaszczycie done until 31/12/2019. Winners will be notified of the win by 15 January 2020.


* Reservations without calling for a competition, they will not be able to take part in the competition.

** Accommodation can take place on the following dates: from 1/04. until 31/05/2020 and from 1/09. until 30/11/2020, excluding Easter time, May weekend and from 7 to 15 November.


Sample pictures:



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